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Recent Highlights

Recent highlights:

  • The combined impact of South Carolina Adolescent Immunization Task Force partners lead to the 3rd largest increase in HPV up to date status from 2016-2017 according to 2017 NIS Teen data

  • South Carolina was recognized by CDC in early 2019 with the Healthy People 2020 Vaccination Coverage Award for Most Improved Coverage Among Adolescents.   This award highlights most improved vaccination coverage rates in South Carolina from 2014-2017 for four adolescent vaccines, including Tdap, HPV, meningococcal vaccines. 

  • Seven members of the task force attended the National HPV Roundtable’s Regional Leadership Summit of Southeastern HPV Coalitions at the University of Alabama-Birmingham in March 2019.

  • The task force successfully hosted its first webinar on Aug 1st 2019 featuring Dr. Warner K. Huh from the University of Alabama Birmingham speaking on HPV Vaccination

  • Partnered with the American Cancer Society and the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association for a quality improvement (QI) learning collaborative with nine federally qualified healthcare centers (FQHCs) to facilitate improvement in their adolescent immunization practices. 

  • Stakeholders with MUSC employee innovative strategies to raise state immunization rates.

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