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Project INVEST

INVEST (INcreasing VaccinE uptake among Southern Teens) is a school-based program to reduce rural-urban disparities in HPV vaccination. This program was developed by researchers at the University of South Carolina and Duke University, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and can be customized to the needs of your school or school district. Project INVEST uses a multi-level approach with three key components:

  1. promotion of school nurses as trusted sources of information,

  2. dissemination of caregiver-targeted educational materials about adolescent wellness and vaccination, and

  3. linkage to vaccination providers in their local communities.

Customizable INVEST program materials

The customizable INVEST program materials contain the following materials:

Orientation packet

The orientation packet includes the orientation letter and sample vaccination resource list to introduce the INVEST program and link families to local vaccination providers in their community.

Follow-up vaccination infographic

The follow-up vaccination infographic lists information about all recommended adolescent vaccines.

Monthly Newsletters

The INVEST program includes six newsletters featuring adolescent health and wellness information including HPV vaccination information.


Newsletter topics are:

  • Healthy body

  • Healthy behaviors

  • Puberty

  • Navigating new social worlds

  • Mental health

  • Substance use


Click below to download the
customizable INVEST portfolio.

Social Media Content Calendar_edited.jpg

INVEST Social Media Content Calendar

The INVEST Social media content calendar contains sample messages and graphics for each month of the school year (August to May) to post on school or district social media accounts.


The calendar features messages about HPV vaccination (top row) and other adolescent vaccines or health topics (bottom row).


Most HPV-focused information has been adapted from Dr. Beth Sundstrom’s 'HPV Vaccination NOW: This is our Moment' social media campaign.

Click to download the social media content calendars in either          or         

Resources Library

The INVEST Resources Library lists many publicly available resources providing information about HPV and other adolescent vaccines, other adolescent health and wellness topics, and social media resources.


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