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Awards & Recognition

We know that the improvement in adolescent immunization rates in South Carolina is the result of the efforts of so many passionate providers, organizations, and partners! We appreciate everyone's commitment to educating, promoting, and administering vaccines to our state's youth. Below are our 2018-2019 South Carolina Adolescent Immunization Task Force Awardees! 

CDC HPV "Vaccine is Cancer Prevention" Award

Dr. Jennifer Bailey

The HPV "Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention" Champion Award recognizes clinicians, clinics, practices, groups, or health systems that are going above and beyond to foster HPV vaccination among adolescents in their communities.

SC Adolescent Immunization Task Force 2018 Community Collaboration Award

The American Cancer Society

The Community Collaboration Award recognizes an individual, group, or organization based in the community that works in alignment with other stakeholders to promote adolescent vaccines in South Carolina and who are characterized by their effort to foster collaboration to accomplish their objectives.

SC Adolescent Immunization Task Force 2018 Leadership Award

Dr. Deborah Greenhouse

The Leadership Award recognizes an individual or organization whose outstanding efforts in the area of policy or advocacy have contributed to advancing the adolescent vaccine conversation and creation of new or improved policies to promote adolescent vaccinations in the state of South Carolina.

SC Adolescent Immunization Task Force Innovation Award

Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers

The Innovation Award recognizes a provider, practice, health system, or community group who has used creative or innovative strategies to promote adolescent vaccination or address challenges to adolescent vaccination.

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